Specialist Technical Facilities

The University has state-of-the-art specialist technical facilities which are easily accessible and available to hire at competitive rates for industry use.

Our specialist technical facilities include:

• Two recording studios plus two music rehearsal/performance studios, with the extra ability to record from several performance spaces around the City Campus. Each of the studios has an industry standard state of the art, top of the range digital mixing desk and offer a great platform for learning production techniques in a real environment.

• Industry standard AppleMac Media Composer, Final Cut Pro and Avid digital editing facilities

• Two dedicated film production studios complete with full industry standard ceiling lighting rig and floor lighting, steadicam unit and full HD camera facilities

• Cutting edge digital Computer Games Design and Animation production suites

• A dedicated, purpose built dance studio with specialised sprung wooden floor ideal for rehearsals and actual performances, plus a black box studio for full rehearsals and set building

• The best darkroom facilities in any European Institution with black and white and colour darkroom processing and printing, three digital photography AppleMac suites with full printing facilities. Also, three dedicated photographic studios complete with full overhead lighting rig

• Laboratories fully equipped for Electrical, Electronic, Fire Safety and Mechanical Engineering, as well as Forensic computing laboratories.

• A sports and health laboratory boasting specialised equipment that measures health screening parameters, cardiovascular fitness, strength, flexibility, body composition and haematological markers. A recent investment includes video analysis software with the capability to publish detailed technical movement analyses for coaches and scientists alike.

How we’ve made a difference
“As a start-up company, developing relationships with other organisations is really helping us. Ruskin are a great client to work with and we were really pleased to be able to use our local University’s facilities to deliver them a project that will help their business.”
Kath Morton Smith, Director of purplepatchVideo

“We were delighted that purplepatchVideo were able to find such good facilities for this production, and that the University is so willing to open its doors to support the growth of local businesses.”
David Fitzpatrick, Ruskin Air Management Ltd.